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Marijuana Addiction Is Real – 4 Signs That You’ll Need Marijuana Addiction Treatment to Break Free

Although not as addictive as most other drugs, marijuana addiction is possible and often requires professional treatment interventions.

Nowadays, many are singing the praises of marijuana. Whether it be as a medicinal treatment, an anti-anxiety agent or a “harmless” recreational drug, more and more people are having a change of heart towards this drug’s effects. While marijuana may well hold medicinal properties, the effects from abusing this drug are no different than any other addictive substance.

With recreational use, the risk of developing marijuana addiction increases with each passing day to the point where you can no longer stop using on your own. Knowing the signs to look for can help you determine whether some form of marijuana addiction treatment is needed.

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Addiction Potential

According to Harvard Health Publications, any one drug’s ability to alter the brain’s dopamine production rates ultimately determines its addiction potential. Like other addictive substances, marijuana alters dopamine level outputs through its interactions with GABA, another essential neurotransmitter chemical.

In effect, increases in dopamine production skew brain reward system functioning towards dependence on the drug. As the reward system changes, the compulsive drug-using behaviors that characterize addiction start to take shape.

The following 4 signs signify a need for treatment:

1. Needing Larger Doses to Get “High”

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Needing more and more marijuana in order to get high is a sign of addiction.

With continued marijuana use, the brain’s chemical system becomes less sensitive to the drug’s effects. When this happens, you have to ingest larger amounts in order to experience its desired effects.

For instance, if what was once a “joint” a day has now evolved into three “joints” a day, the brain’s tolerance for marijuana’s effects have increased considerably. These changes mark the beginnings of a growing addiction problem.

2. Withdrawal Symptoms

According to the Journal of Addiction Science & Clinical Practice, on average, people entering marijuana addiction treatment have over 10 years of daily marijuana use. They’ve also made multiple failed attempts to stop using on their own.

The recurring withdrawal symptoms that develop during the course of ongoing marijuana abuse account for much of the reason why it’s so hard to stop using on your own. Symptoms experienced include:

  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches

As getting past these effects is the only route to sobriety, one of the key benefits of marijuana addiction treatment is the level of support and care provided during the initial detox stage.

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3. Emotional Instability

Marijuana addiction most impacts a person’s thinking and emotions to the point where a full-blown psychological dependence takes hold. In the process, the drug’s effects create a highly unstable chemical environment in the brain.

Likewise, these changes will leave you emotionally unstable, experiencing periods of depression and bouts of anxiety on a recurring basis.

4. Changing Priorities

Over time, the effects of marijuana abuse on your thinking and emotions slowly but surely bleed into your daily behavior. This means, someone who usually has near-perfect attendance at work or school now has more frequent absences. This shift in priorities also shows up in your relationships as well as within your financial dealings.

In the absence of needed marijuana addiction treatment, a person’s life will continue to decline to the point where drug use is all he or she really cares about. If you’re seeing one or more of the above signs taking shape in your life, it’s time to consider seeking out some form of marijuana addiction treatment.

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