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Salvia Street Names

Salvia is a hallucinogenic drug that has powerful though not long-lasting properties. There are various street names used in different regions to refer to the drug.

Most drugs that are abused and sold illegally are often given street names. Salvia divinorum, a perennial herb plant from the mint family originated from southern Mexico. The plant is known for its hallucinogenic effects when ingested. The fresh leaves of the plant can be chewed, or dried leaves can be rolled or placed in a pipe and smoked much in the same way as cannabis. The extracts of the plant can also be mixed in a drink. Like other drugs, a variety of salvia street names are used to identify the drug.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Salvia is more likely to be used in individual experimentation than as a regular social or party drug, due to its brief hallucinogenic effects that mimic psychosis.

The most common street names used to identify this drug is Maria Pastora, Sally-D and Salvia -according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Are There Other Salvia Street Names to Be Aware Of?

salvia abuse

Salvia is an herb that has psychedelic properties.

If you suspect a loved one is buying and using Salvia, then you should familiarize yourself with other street names used to identify Salvia. Many nicknames for drugs can be descriptive of the effects the drug has on the user. The nicknames can also vary depending on the location, and may change to throw people off so no one knows what they are talking about. Here are some common street names that have been used to identify Salvia among users:

  • Sage of the Seers
  • Diviner’s Sage
  • Magic Mint
  • Lady Salvia
  • Purple Sticky
  • Shepherdess’s Herb
  • Sister Salvia
  • ska Maria Pastora
  • ska Pastora

Spanish names that identify the Salvia plant can include:

  • Hojas de Maria
  • Hojas de la Pastora
  • Yerba de Maria

Street names or slang terms for drugs may not be the same in all regions. One term can be popular in one state, and not be recognized in another. The list of slang terms here are a collection of Salvia street names given mostly by users. Most users have reported unpleasant experiences using Salvia. Therefore, if you suspect someone you love might be using it, then learning about the effects the drug -is also important.

What are Known Effects of Salvia?

The effects can vary from one individual to another, and the effects can be physical and/or mental. Since it is considered a hallucinogenic drug, there is no way to predict how a user’s experience will be. Most commonly the experience is not a good one. Some of the effects Salvia can cause include:

  • Short-term memory loss
  • Loss of coordination
  • Slurred speech
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Out-of-body experiences
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Mood swings

The effects Salvia can have on a user can also depend on other factors, such as amount used, the mood the user is in, their surroundings, the potency of the Salvia leaves, and if other substances are used. A person under the influence of Salvia may experience extreme distortion of their perception of reality. This can lead them to injure themselves, or cause an injury to others.

Talk to your loved one about the dangers that using Salvia can have on their life. A bad experience can affect them for the rest of their life, and permanent harm cannot be undone. Seeking guidance from a substance abuse specialist can also help a loved one realize that drugs are not necessary to feel better. It can help them avoid making a mistake that they may regret forever.

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