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Is Salvia Dangerous?

While Salvia is less well-known than other psychoactive drugs, it can have potentially dangerous effects.

Salvia, also known as Salvia Divinorum, belongs to the sage family of herbaceous perennial plants. This drug has gained popularity among teens and experimental drug users due to its ability to produce an altered state of consciousness. Users typically smoke the plant’s leaves to experience Salvia’s hallucinatory effects.

Unlike most other hallucinogen class drugs, Salvia does not appear on the controlled substances list, though some states within the U. S. have placed certain regulatory controls on its use. Is Salvia dangerous considering most anyone can grow this drug in their backyard under the right climate conditions? Yes.

Salvia produces psychoactive effects, altering essential brain chemical processes in the brain. This alone makes for a dangerous recreational drug.

Is Salvia dangerous in terms of its abuse and/or addiction potential? For the most part, this depends on each person’s physiological make-up. Over time, frequent Salvia use can cause both physical and psychological problems, especially in cases of pre-existing mental illness.

What is Salvia?

salvia drug

Salvia is a drug with psychoactive effects.

As a member of the sage or mint family, Salvia plants are native to certain regions of Mexico and can also be grown in most any area under tropical-like conditions. In appearance, Salvia plants stand three feet or more in height with white flowers and large green leaves. According to the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration, salvinorim A exists as the active ingredient in Salvia, responsible for the plant’s hallucinatory effects.

Salvia Effects on the Brain

Is Salvia dangerous in terms of its effects on the brain? Yes. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Salvia effects stem from its ability to stimulate kappa opioid receptors in the brain. These interactions offset the brain’s normal chemical processes.

Is Salvia dangerous can be seen in how aggressively this drug overpowers the brain’s natural chemical system. Salvia acts quickly, bringing on intense hallucinatory effects in under a minute. Users remain in this state for up to 30 minutes.

Physical Effects

Once ingested, its effect on users aptly answers the question, is Salvia dangerous:

  • Emotional swings
  • Feeling detached from the surrounding environment
  • Distorted perceptions of reality
  • Distorted perceptions of self
  • Seeing vivid colors and shapes

Is Salvia dangerous when it comes to the range of effects it produces? Yes, as not all “highs” produce pleasant experiences. In some instances, users may experience feelings of anxiety and restlessness. As the “high” wears off, the body can go into a seizure-like state.

Psychological Effects

For people with a history of mental illness, Salvia effects on the brain can aggravate both past and existing psychological disorders. Is Salvia dangerous in this respect? Very much so, as the drug’s effects can trigger panic attacks as well as relapses in conditions involving schizophrenia and borderline personality traits.

Is Salvia Dangerous?

While Salvia may not pose an immediate threat to a person’s physical or psychological health, ongoing use of the drug increases the likelihood of abuse. Add to this Salvia’s effects on the brain’s delicate chemical system, and the question, is salvia dangerous becomes painfully apparent for those who continue to use this drug on a regular basis.

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