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What are the Dangers of Designer Drugs?

Using designer drugs can cause long-term damage, including insanity, memory loss, respiratory failure, and death.

A designer drug is one that manufacturers cook up in a lab. These drugs can be psychoactive, psychedelics, relaxants, stimulants, and just about any other type of drug. They are strictly synthetic although they are often based off other more natural substances. The term designer drug simple means that the drug is designed in a lab. There are many dangers associated with these drugs that people often overlook.


Many of the designer drugs are not illegal. As soon as the Drug Enforcement Agencies make one drug illegal, several more crop up. Many people assume that just because a drug is legal it is safe. Unfortunately, this is not true. Designer drugs often contain toxic chemicals and no one regulates them. This means that the makers of designer drugs can put anything into them. Some of the common ingredients are:

    Pesticides Antifreeze Bleach Ammonia Cough syrup Heavy metals

Since there is no regulation, there is no labeling, and no way to tell if a designer drug is dangerous or not.

Designer Drugs are Untested

Dangers of Designer Drugs

Designer drugs can cause extreme paranoia and anxiety.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, some designer drugs are untested. Essentially the makers are using their buyers as human test subjects. Prescription drugs go through years of both animal and human testing. Even legal designer drugs do not go through this process.

The process of testing drugs comes from years of research and evaluating many drugs. Some of these drugs might have prescription applications but because they are do not test them or label them, they lose their ability to ever become useful.

Drug Interactions

Many drugs interact with the designer drugs. This could be prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or alcohol. Some of these interactions are extremely dangerous. Drug interactions can cause:

    Overdose Death Coma Convulsions Insanity Confusion Blackouts Memory loss Paranoia and anxiety Respiratory failure Heart failure

These designer drugs cause your prescription drugs to be less effective. The can affect the way that antibiotics, anticonvulsants, and necessary medications like insulin and blood pressure medications. This reaction can kill you if you are not careful.


Manufacturing and designing new designer drugs is a business above all else. Unfortunately, getting people high and addicted to a specific drug increases sales. Many of the designer drugs are addictive. They take over the body’s natural pleasure receptors and cause both physical and psychological addictions.

Again, there is no warning that these drugs are addictive or habit forming. Most people who take them do not even realize they are harmful until it is too late. Unfortunately, designer drug manufacturers have no interest in informing you that the drugs that they sell are dangerous.

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How to Find Treatment for Designer Drug Addiction

One of the largest dangers of designer drugs is addiction. You can find help for this addiction by calling us at 1-800-895-1695. We can find you the treatment that you need in order to get away from these dangerous drugs.

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