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Psychedelic Plants and Flowers: Why are they So Dangerous?

There are many potentially harmful aftereffects of using psychedelic plants, such as cognitive dysfunction and mental illness.

Many ancient people use psychedelic plants and flowers for religious, medical, and spiritual purposes. These people use psychedelics to safely increase the physical and spiritual awareness under controlled conditions. Unfortunately, these simple plants and flowers become extremely dangerous when people use them recreationally. Most of these drugs are dangerous both in high levels and when people use them heavily.

Getting Lost

Whenever you use a psychologically addictive substance, you run the risk of getting lost. Although many of the stories that people wind up experiencing the effects of the drug for the rest of their lives are not true, some of them are. There are cases of psychedelics causing permanent hallucinations and flashbacks. Some of the psychedelics can produce schizophrenia like disorders. When this happens, most people call it getting lost in the drug.

Physical Harm

Psychedelic Plants and Flowers

Psychedelic plants and flowers can cause digestive issues.

Despite their lack of physical addiction, these drugs can still cause physical harm. They can harm you by poisoning your body and causing you to do things that are dangerous. Some of the physical effects that the majority of psychedelics cause are:

    Nausea Vomiting Urinary issues Liver dysfunction Digestive issues Neurological damage

Some of the things that people do while they are on psychedelics that are a health hazard are:

    Have unprotected sex, exposing them to pregnancy, HIV and other blood borne pathogens. Use dirty needles, exposing them to disease. Many of the psychedelic plants and flowers cause memory lapses and are used by nefarious people as date rape drugs. Psychedelics put you in a highly suggestible state and you could take a suggestion that puts in you harm without even realizing it. Take risks such as driving while one the drug or other high risk behaviors. Many psychedelic plants and flowers are poisonous or are easily mistaken for poisonous plants. There are many dangers of gathering these plants yourself.

Many of these dangers exist just by taking the drug. Although some say psychedelics are perfectly safe, they often present hidden dangers to the user.

Psychological Harm

Aside from getting lost there are other dangers psychological dangers associated with psychedelic plants and flowers. Many of them:

    Destroy your ability to learn Cause cognitive dysfunction Cause a disconnection between mind and body Destroy your ability to communicate with others Cause mood disorders Cause other forms of mental illness

Scary Trends in Psychedelic Use

Psychological Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, these hallucinogens and dissociatives are psychologically addictive. This is a very dangerous addiction. It is harder to get off a drug that is psychologically addictive. It takes months, sometimes years to break a psychological addiction.

The treatment for this addiction is intensive therapy and counseling to correct the problems that caused the addiction and those that the addiction created. In order to do this, you need a treatment center. To find one call us at 1-800-895-1695. We can help.

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