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Can You Have a Magic Mushroom Overdose?

Learn about the symptoms and method of treatment for mushroom toxicity.

Although you have a magic mushroom overdose, it is not an overdose in the traditional sense. In fact it is called mushroom toxicity because people do not usually die from it. Most of the people who die from ingesting magic mushrooms actually ingest the wrong type of mushroom. Some types of mushrooms are extremely toxic and should not be eaten under any circumstance. These mushrooms are not the ones that people call magic mushrooms. Magic mushroom overdose is extremely rare.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are naturally-occurring hallucinogens.

The mushrooms that are called magic mushrooms are psilocybin mushrooms. There are several types of these mushrooms that contain the sought after hallucinogen. People find these mushrooms in pastureland. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, ancient people used these mushrooms for centuries before they became illegal. The hallucinogenic effects were mainly good for religious ceremonies and other practices.

What are the Effects of Magic Mushrooms?

The effects of magic mushroom vary person to person and mushroom to mushroom. These mushrooms contain different amounts of the psilocybin depending on their growth medium and other factors. Most of the effects are short term only. These effects are:

  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • auditory hallucinations,
  • tactile hallucinations,
  • visual hallucinations,
  • mood swings,
  • temperature variations, and
  • changes to color, sight, and sounds that are real.

These effects are normally temporary and not every experience contains all of them. The one enduring effect in all of these experiences is nausea and usually vomiting. This is due to the stomachs reaction to the poison in the mushrooms. Most of these mushrooms are still poisonous even if they do not kill.

What is a Magic Mushroom Overdose?

A magic mushroom overdose is also known as mushroom toxicity. Most doctors agree that the overdose symptoms are not because of the psilocybin mushrooms, it is because you ingested the wrong type of mushroom. In order to overdose on the correct type of mushrooms, you would have to take approximately 30 pounds of them if you weigh approximately 160 pounds. It is very easy to pick the wrong type when searching for the psychedelic kind. Most of the emergency overdose admissions are because of poisoning by taking the wrong mushrooms as well.

The signs of a magic mushroom overdose or toxicity are:

  • decreased heart rate,
  • mental confusion,
  • liver toxicity,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • paranoia and paranoid thoughts and feelings,
  • loss of control, and
  • severe vomiting.

It is important to make sure that anyone exhibiting these symptoms be taken to the hospital immediately. If you have a sample of the mushrooms that you took bring it with you to the hospital. This way they can identify the type of mushroom you took. Then they can deal with the consequences of taking too many.

Why do People take Magic Mushrooms?

People take magic mushrooms for several reasons. A few of these reasons are:

  • for fun – some people like the feelings that magic mushrooms bring. They are okay with the side effects that it brings.
  • for something to do – many people use all drugs because they are bored. They do not have anything better to do so they use the mushrooms for entertainment.
  • as an escape – when they say that someone is tripping on mushrooms this is kind of what they are talking about. Mushrooms can let you escape your problems for a little while but the consequences of that escape can be extreme.

These are just a few of the reasons that people decide to take magic mushrooms. These reasons are normal for almost any drug.

Are Magic Mushrooms Illegal?

Yes, magic mushrooms are illegal in the United States. They are illegal to cultivate and illegal to sell or possess. Unlike other drugs they grow naturally in many parts of the southeastern United States so even if you see them, it is illegal to pick them.

Treatment of Magic Mushroom Overdose

Normally if you are exhibiting signs of a magic mushroom overdose, you need to go to the hospital. According to the National Library of Medicine, at the hospital they will first do a toxicology screening. This screening will determine what type of mushroom you ate and how best to treat it.

They also will use activated charcoal to bind the toxins and help them exit the body. Then they administer supported therapy such as IV medications, antitoxins, and medications to combat the side effects. Then you wait. The hospital will treat the symptoms as they come up where they can. Unfortunately, they cannot change some symptoms. If you are having a negative hallucinatory experience then it usually has to run its course. There is nothing that they can give you that actually stops the hallucinations.

After the major symptoms are gone, they might recommend a drug treatment center. During drug treatment, they will offer counseling, therapy, and other forms of drug treatment. Even though magic mushrooms are not physically addictive, they can be psychologically addictive. It is possible for people to want to escape so much that they keep taking the mushrooms despite the consequences.

If you think you are addicted to magic mushrooms or believe that someone you know is or if you’ve overdose on them, it might be time to consider drug treatment. This indicates you might have a problem with taking them. Don’t worry there is help, just call us at, 800-895-1695, and find the help you need.

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