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Different Names for Psychedelic Drugs

Learn the various street names for commonly used psychedelic drugs.

When you talk about other names for psychedelic drugs, there are their actual names and then there are their street names. Although most psychedelics only have one common name, they can have hundreds of street names.

The street names for psychedelic drugs range between regions and what the drug happens to be mixed with. Most people know the common names for psychedelics but do not realize the various other names for psychedelic drugs.

LSD – D-lysergic acid diethylamide

This is one of the most well known hallucinogens on the market. LSD was extremely popular in the 1960s but has retained some of its popularity among college students. LSD probably has the most street names due to its long history. The more common names according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse are:

  • acid
  • blotter
  • superman
  • microdots
  • sometimes they are named after the pictures on the paper used to put the LSD on

LSD is psychologically addictive to some people due to the escape that it allows. If you are addicted to LSD call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) . We can help you find the treatment you need.

Mescaline – Peyote

Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelic street names can vary by region.

Used by ancient Indians for centuries, mescaline is made from the peyote cactus. American Indians use the hallucinogenic properties for their religious ceremonies and vision quests. According to the National Library of Medicine, mescaline is also called:

  • Mescalin
  • 3,4,5-Trimethoxyphenethylamine
  • Mezcalin
  • Mezcaline
  • Tmpea

Like most psychedelics, mescaline addiction is psychological and is treatable through behavioral and other therapies. Most people believe that mescaline is not addictive but it can be under the right circumstances.


Ketamine is an animal tranquilizer and a human anesthetic. Doctors recently stopped using it as an anesthetic because of its dissociative properties. Ketamine is highly psychologically addictive and many recreational users find they need treatment after only a few doses. The street names for ketamine are:

  • Vitamin K
  • Special K
  • K
  • Cat Valium

There are no medications to treat ketamine addiction. Doctors use supportive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to treat it.

Are Psychedelic Drugs Addictive?

PCP – Phencyclidine

PCP was a very popular dissociative drug but it has gone out of fashion in recent years. One of the issues with PCP is the effect that it has on the body and mind. People on PCP think they can do anything which is what gives it the street names it has. Some of these street names are:

  • angel dust
  • supergrass
  • rocket fuel
  • killer weed

Like most dissociative drugs, the only way to treat a PCP addiction is through behavioral therapy.

Finding Treatment for Psychedelic Addiction

Knowing the other names for these psychedelic drugs will help you identify what kind of psychedelic drugs you are dealing with. Although these drugs do not have medications as treatments, there are therapies that will help you deal with the consequences of the psychological addiction. For help finding a treatment center that knows how to treat addiction to psychedelic drugs call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) .

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