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10 Psychedelics to Avoid at All Costs

Although you may be tempted to experiment with these drugs, there are many reasons you should avoid consuming certain psychedelics.

There are many drugs termed psychedelic drugs, some of them are relatively benign and do not cause major physical and psychological problems. Unfortunately, there are also many that are very dangerous. These highly addictive and hazardous psychedelics that can do serious bodily harm very quickly.

1. Smiles

Smiles is a dangerous synthetic psychedelic. Many people consider it poison comparable to arsenic or cyanide. Also called 2C-I, it causes dangerous psychotic episodes. People on Smiles were observed banging their heads against walls, growling, and screaming. Doctors say that it the psychosis is difficult to treat and it is sometimes fatal.

2. Ketamine

Ketamine is one of the more well known dissociative drugs. Originally used as an anesthetic, people rapidly discovered that it is also a hallucinogen. The danger of ketamine is two-fold, it is easy to overdose on ketamine, and because it can produce a state of unconsciousness, you put yourself in danger from those around you who might harm you.

3. Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelics to Avoid

Psychedelics are psychologically addictive and can cause psychosis, memory loss, and cognitive deficits.

Magic mushrooms themselves are not considered very dangerous but taking them from an unknown source is. Magic mushrooms themselves are poisonous but not as poisonous as the hundreds of similar looking mushrooms. Many species that resemble the magic mushroom are deadly. These are dangerous psychedelics because gathering the wrong ones can easily kill you.

4. Morning Glory

Morning glory is a little known psychedelic. The seeds when crushed into a powder and taken internally, cause hallucinations and other psychedelic effects. Unfortunately, if the dosage is wrong, it can cause serious and fatal reaction. The wrong dosage can be within a few seeds of the right one making getting the effects of the hallucinogen without killing yourself very difficult.

5. Wormwood

Like magic mushrooms wormwood is normally fairly harmless. Alcohol manufacturers use it to make a liquor known as absinth also known as the green fairy. Unfortunately, wormwood is very hard to dose correctly. In small doses it is a harmless psychedelic, in only slightly higher doses it is deadly.

6. Spice

Spice is one of the newer psychedelics on the market. It’s billed as a synthetic marijuana but has none of the marijuana like effects. It causes serious psychological symptoms. Some people report being attacked by someone who is on spice or attacking others while on spice.

7. Bath Salts or Flakka

Bath salts is the common name for flakka. They are definitely not the bath salts that you normally use for baths. They are a complex synthetic psychedelic that causes rapid psychosis, suicide, and sometimes homicide.

8. Cloud 9

There are two reasons why cloud 9 is a dangerous drug. The first is an unfortunate fact of drug enforcement. Cloud 9 is still legal in most places according to Forbes Magazine, this is dangerous because the second reason. The second reason why Cloud 9 is dangerous is because it is known to cause heart failure, seizures, agitation, and aggressive behavior.

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9. N-Bombs

N-bombs are a new form of synthetic psychedelic. It causes a number of serious and dangerous side effects such as cognitive dysfunction and memory loss. Many of these effects are permanent.

10. DMT

DMT is a drug found in plants and seeds. Unfortunately, its affects resemble many of the synthetic drugs on this list. Its users are known for their complete loss of control over their mind or their body.

All of these drugs are highly dangerous and addictive. Although many of them are not physically addictive, all of them are psychologically addictive. If you are addicted to any of these drugs, you need help. Call us at 1-800-895-1695, we can help you find the treatment that you need.

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