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Warning Signs You are Addicted to Psychedelic Drugs

Psychedelics are powerful substances, and they are mostly illegal for good reason. It is possible to become addicted to these drugs. If you are struggling, know that help is available.

Psychedelic drugs, like any abusive substance, can become a problematic behavior that is not safe for the individual and may be harmful to them or their loved ones. Some psychedelic drugs may be more addictive than others, but it can all depend on the situation of the individual person and whether or not they feel able to stop abusing the drug on their own. According to the NIDA, “Drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting takes more than good intentions or a strong will.”

If you have been abusing one or more psychedelic drugs for a few weeks, months, or longer, you may be in danger of becoming addicted. It can be confusing and difficult for many to be sure if they are actually addicted, which is why you should look for the warning signs of psychedelic drug addiction. If you exhibit many of the signs listed below, you should seek treatment for psychedelic drug addiction.


psychedelics addiction

An addiction to psychedelics causes serious problems. Get help today.

Users of psychedelic drugs can develop a high tolerance for these substances and may do so especially quickly when compared with the use of other drugs. For example, LSD, PCP, psilocybin, and peyote have all been known to cause tolerance on their own, and many of these can cause cross-tolerance with other psychedelic substances. However, according to the NIH, “Tolerance for hallucinogenic drugs is short-lived––it is lost if the user stops taking the drugs for several days.”

In many cases, a growing tolerance for a drug of abuse is a sign of addiction as well. Some psychedelic drugs may fall into this category, like PCP which causes addicted individuals to continue taking higher and higher doses of the drug. LSD, however, may not cause the same desire to continue taking the drug once tolerance takes effect, and the individual may be able to stop abusing the drug on their own without too many problematic effects.

Psychological Signs of Psychedelic Drug Addiction

Many people chase the psychological effects of psychedelic drug use, hoping to experience hallucinations, religious or spiritual epiphanies, mixed senses, and other sensations. This is the reason why most individuals abuse psychedelics. There are some psychological signs, though, that you may have become addicted to the effects of psychedelic drugs and need help quitting.

  • Persistent psychosis
    • This occurs when a person abuses psychedelic drugs in the long-term. It is an extremely problematic condition that can be similar to schizophrenia in many ways, causing problems for the abusers and their loved ones. Symptoms are:
      • Visual disturbances
      • Disorganized thinking
      • Paranoia
      • Mood disturbances
  • Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)
    • HPPD has been considered to be rare, but in long-term psychedelic drug abuse, “sometimes both conditions occur together” (NIDA)/ This occurs when a person experiences hallucinations or flashbacks when not even on psychedelics. Symptoms are:
      • Hallucinations
      • Other visual disturbances
        • Halos
        • Trails attached to moving objects
      • Flashbacks
  • Other psychological issues may occur, especially in PCP abusers. Suicidal and homicidal thoughts (especially if you have never experienced them before) are a sign that you may be addicted to PCP.
  • Depression
  • Apathy toward those things which used to matter to you (like school, work, friendships, family, etc.)

Many others have experienced issues with confusion, memory problems, and other psychological issues with the long-term abuse of psychedelic drugs. Whenever someone abuses a substance for a long amount of time, there is a possibility for problems to occur, especially those which lead to a need for treatment. However, different psychedelics cause different issues.

Behavioral Signs of Psychedelic Drug Addiction

PCP in particular has a very strong addiction syndrome. According to the NIDA, “PCP is addictive – its repeated abuse can lead to craving and compulsive PCP-seeking behavior, despite severe adverse consequences.” This kind of behavior is notorious of individuals who are struggling with addiction, and any time someone starts seeking out a drug to their own detriment (or to the detriment of others), it is a sign of addiction.

While LSD, peyote, and some other psychedelics have not been proven to cause this sort of behavior, some psychedelics like MDMA and PCP have been proven to cause drug-seeking behavior and compulsive drug abuse. Others like salvia and DXM do not have enough research to give a clear picture of whether or not addiction is possible. Still, there are many behavioral signs that can point to psychedelic drug addiction.

  • Violent and aggressive behavior
  • Performing dangerous or selfish acts in order to take more or obtain more drugs
  • Becoming hostile toward those who ask about your drug abuse
  • Secretive behavior (hiding your drugs and drug paraphernalia from others, lying about how much you use or where you go, etc.)
  • Anxious and paranoid behavior
  • Ignoring your responsibilities or important aspects of your life in order to abuse drugs
  • Using drugs every day, especially when you are alone
  • Constantly chasing the high you felt when you first started abusing psychedelic drugs and being willing to do anything in order to feel it again

If you have become addicted to psychedelic drugs, you will behave very dangerously and often alienate those you love because of it. You may lose your job, be expelled from school, become arrested, or deal with many other issues that are caused by your drug abuse and drug-seeking behavior. These signs point to addiction because you are unable to control yourself if you become addicted to a drug.

The Ultimate Warning Sign of Psychedelic Drug Addiction

Someone who is addicted to psychedelic drugs, whether it is a drug like PCP, MDMA, or salvia, will not be able to stop abusing the drug (or drugs) on their own. The person may try to stop, but their drug abuse and drug seeking will be compulsive. They will not care about the issues their drug abuse causes in their life, and if they do, they will not be able to stop on their own in order to fix them.

The ultimate warning sign of psychedelic drug addiction is this: if you feel that you are not in control, it is probably true. You may need treatment and time in order to break your habit of psychedelic drug abuse, and if you are addicted, it will not be easy. This is why it is important to seek treatment now, before your situation becomes worse.

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