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The Dangers of a Psychological Addiction to Psychedelics

Psychedelic drug addiction changes the way one perceives reality and can create a compulsive urge to continue abusing them.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most psychedelics although not physically addictive are in fact psychologically addictive. Unfortunately, not much is known about the lasting and addictive effects of psychedelic drugs. Some psychedelics produce a physical tolerance similar to physical addiction. Drugs such as PCP and cannabis produce physical withdrawal symptoms. To understand psychedelics you need to know what psychedelic addiction is, how it is different from physical addiction, and why it is dangerous.

What is a Psychological Addiction?

Psychological addiction is an addiction of the mind. It is more than a habit but your body itself does not crave the drug. This type of addiction is a mental and emotional dependence as opposed to an actual physical problem. You find yourself unable to stop from using the substance even though your body is not physically dependent on it.

Most people who suffer from a psychological addiction suffer from the compulsive need for the drug. It is not uncommon for them to also suffer from other mental, emotion, or compulsive disorders.

How is a Psychological Addiction different from a Physical Addiction?

Psychological Addiction to Psychedelics

A psychological addiction takes away one’s motivation to stop using the drug, no matter the potential consequences.

Psychological addiction differs from physical addiction in the way the addiction works. In psychological addiction, it is more the habit or the mental drive to take the drug than it is physical need. In physical addiction, the body begins to need the drug in order to maintain itself in a normal state.

Why is Psychological Addiction to Psychedelics Dangerous?

Psychedelics are dangerous because of the psychological addiction. Instead of just physically being able to get off the drug you have to change the mental processes that make you want the drug. It is the only way to heal a psychological addiction. Psychedelics are usually more psychologically addictive than most of the other drugs. They do not change the body, they change the mind and the way that we perceive things around us.

It is because of this change that psychedelics are so difficult to get away from when you are addicted to them. Although not everyone becomes addicted to them, a large portion still want the drug even knowing what the drug is doing. Some of the more dangerous signs of psychedelic drug addiction are:

    Compulsive urge to take the drug. This urge often becomes overwhelming and can cause emotional response. Repeated failed attempts to stop taking the drug. The mental willpower to stop taking the drug does not exist. If the psychedelic is present, you will use it regardless of the physical, financial, or other consequences. Lying, stealing, or secretive behavior about acquiring or doing the drug. Spending excessive time and money thinking about, acquiring, or using the psychedelic. Inability to remain in reality or using the psychedelic to escape reality whenever possible to the determinant of your job, life, relationships, family, and home.

Although all of these signs of psychological addiction to psychedelics are dangerous, the true danger lies in the fact that a psychological addiction to psychedelics is an avoidance of reality.

Anything that allows you to avoid reality for a extended time causes you to lose the real things in your life and stops you from developing yourself in the real world. Although a natural escape from the world is healthy on occasion, using psychedelics to do it is not.

Are Natural Psychedelics as Dangerous as Others?

How to Find Help for a Psychological Addiction

One of the worst dangers of psychological addiction to psychedelics is it is extremely difficult to treat. This makes finding the right treatment center so important. You need a treatment center that specializes in treating addiction to psychedelic drugs and psychological addiction. We can help find the right treatment center for you. For more information, call 1-800-895-1695.

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