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Commonalities between Video Game Addiction and Psychedelic Addiction

Both of these addictions are characterized by a desire to escape reality and cope with daily life stressors.

According to the National Library of Medicine, video game addiction is a new addiction that requires further study before it is strictly classified as addiction but in practice, it produces the same reward and pleasure stimulation as well as the same consequences as an addiction to psychedelic drugs. With the advent of multiple reward video games and those that cause financial ruin in order to receive these rewards, it is clear that they sometimes are as destructive as using one of the dangerous psychedelic substances.

Video Game Addiction and Psychedelic Addiction

Although people cannot say video games are physically addictive, they are definitely psychologically addictive. Many people have issues with this addiction. They start with a simple attraction to video games and then begin to use the games exclusive to other activities.

    They start to ignore family obligations. They spend money slated for bills and other purposes on the game. They miss work to play the game. They are sometimes later to work because they played the game too late the night before. They cannot ignore or stop playing the game despite the negative consequences. The game gradually takes over their life.

    Video Game Addiction

    Someone with a video game addiction cannot stop playing, despite the negative consequences it has on their life.

Many of these are signs of a prominent psychological addiction and are similar to the symptoms of an addiction to psychedelic drugs. An addiction to psychedelics has the same symptoms such as ignoring obligations and missing work to do the drug. They essentially have same problems and accomplish the same results only video game addiction is done with an outside stimulus and taking psychedelics allows you to retreat inside your mind.

Escape from Reality

Both types of addiction are based in the mind. The psychological need to escape from reality is a very real and frightening occurrence. When life gets too stressful for you, your mind automatically looks for an escape or something to distract those parts of you that cannot handle the real world.

Psychedelics provide this by transporting you to a completely new perceptive realm. The hallucinations that you experience while on a psychedelic provide an escape from the mind, much the way that immersing yourself in a video game world does.

Similarities in Treatment

Since both addiction to video games and psychedelics are both psychological addictions. A few of the treatments available are:

    Inpatient residential treatment Outpatient daily or weekly treatment Therapy Meditation Individual counseling Group counseling Medication for mood disorders that may develop

Most of the time it takes several techniques to break a psychological addiction to either psychedelics or video games. Many people respond well to counseling and meditative techniques.

How to Discuss Psychedelic Addiction with Your Teens

Finding Help for Psychedelic or Video Game Addiction

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