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Are Psychedelic Drugs Addictive?

Most psychedelics are not actually addictive, although PCP is. It is possible to grow a tolerance to LSD, but the addiction potential is not too high.

Various cultures have used psychedelic drugs and hallucinagens since just about the beginning of time. They were used in religious rituals and for other medicinal purposes. It was believed that taking hallucinogens had the ability to open the user’s “spiritual eye” and that it would give them an insight into the spirit world or even bring them closer to a higher power. Native Americans used peyote in different rights of passage and other spiritual ceremonies and in some cultures it is still used to this day.

Although now psychedelic drugs are taken for mostly for recreational purposes. Some still believe it has medicinal qualities and that it can have huge benefits in actually treating some kinds of drug addictions, though that fact is highly debated. Common names for psychedelic drugs used today are Ketamine, molly or mushrooms. Studies also show that people who abuse psychedelic drugs are more likely to become addicted to other drugs like heroin, marijuana and even alcohol.

Are Psychedelic Drugs Addictive?

psychedelics abuse

If someone you love has a psychedelics problem there is help available.

Most users of pyschedelic drugs can stop using the drugs on their own but just like any other drug, if a person chooses using psychedelic drugs over other activities that they used to enjoy this can be considered as an addiction. And although hallucinogens are not considered to be addictive drugs because they don’t produce the compulsive drug-seeking behavior that other drugs do like alcohol and heroin, according to NIDA, “research shows that repeated use of psychedelic drugs like PCP can lead to tolerance and the development of a substance use disorder that includes a withdrawal syndrome including craving for the drug, headaches, and sweating) when drug use is stopped”. In addition, prolonged use of hallucinagens have a long term health effect and many continue to suffer with anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts for up to a year.

How is Psychedelic Drug Addiction Treated?

If you or a loved one believes you have developed an addiction to psychedelic drugs or find that you are unable to stop taking the drugs on your own. The first step is admitting that there is a problem and that it is out of your control to stop your addiction on your own. Talk to your family doctor or a physician for advice on treatments that might have worked well for others in the past.

There are inpatient and outpatient treatment centers that offer treatments for all different types of drugs. It helps for the person recovering from an addiction to be in a sheltered, comfortable environment where they can safely go through the withdrawal process. The medical staff is there to provide physical and emotional support and can even give medication to control unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. Drug counselors are also on on-staff to provide counseling services around the clock, many of whom have faced some type of an addiction and the long road to recovery themselves. The combination of medical treatment and counseling are your best bet for recovering from an addiction long term.

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