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Microdosing: Is it a Safer Alternative?

Microdosing may seem to be a safer alternative, but once addicted it's near impossible to limit one's intake.

Microdosing is a not a new concept for both research and practice in using psychedelics. According to the National Library of Medicine, microdosing is the practice of using low dosages of a drug in order to study its effects on a cellular level before standard dosages are developed. This practice has unfortunately traveled into the realm of illicit psychedelic use.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing in the illicit drug world is taking small amounts of a psychedelic to accomplish a variety of effects. These effects can be anything from mild hallucinations to increases in concentration. Most people report feeling energized, at peace, and connected with what they are doing.

Although many people report that microdosing is a good idea, it is crucial to remember that microdosing does not work when someone is addicted. They cannot keep the dose small or regular. They become tolerant and then begin to take more. Just like most other addictions, the addict is not in control of how much they take. This control is a vital part of microdosing.

Is it Safer?


Microdosing is done in an attempt to achieve a specific effect from a drug.

Although the smaller doses are easier on the body in many cases, there is no evidence that microdosing is any safer as far as addiction goes. Psychedelics are psychologically addictive when you take them outside of a medically controlled situation no matter what dose you take.

The problem with microdosing is that people who are addicted to the psychedelic take a small amount and then when the effects start to wear off they take more. This creates a cumulative effect in the body. It is easier to overdose by taking too many smaller amounts than it is taking larger amounts.

When you take a large amount of a drug, you are aware of the amount you took. When you take smaller amounts, it is easy to lose track of how many doses you took. When you lose track it can lead to an overdose.

Microdosing and Addiction

Unfortunately, someone who is addicted to a psychedelic cannot practice microdosing. The addiction does not allow them to stop at a single small dose. They feel compelled to take more and more of the drug until they are either incapacitated by it or they run out. This is the unfortunate side of addiction.

Similar to alcohol some people are known to be capable of taking small amounts of a psychedelic and not having a problem while others continue to need more and more of it. They develop a tolerance and cannot live without the drug in the same way that an alcoholic cannot live without a drink. Only with psychedelics, the addiction is psychological and much more difficult to break than a physical addiction. Psychological addictions require treatment and time to change.

How to Find Help for an Addiction to Microdosing Psychedelics

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