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20 Reasons not to Use Psychedelic Drugs as a Teen

With their brains still in the stages of development, teenagers are much more vulnerable to the effects of psychedelic drugs.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, teens and college age students are at a special risk for using psychedelic drugs. Fortunately, there are many easy to understand reasons why you should not use them.

1. Psychedelics are a Whole Class of Drugs Encompassing Drugs that are Dangerous to a Greater or Lesser Degree

There are many types of psychedelics. Each of these are available to teens through clubs and raves.

2. They can Cause HPPD or Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder

Psychedelics are known to cause a disease called HPPD. This is something like a permanent inescapable hallucination that is only treatable with drug therapy and counseling.

3. They are Addictive

Drugs as a Teen

Psychedelic drug use has been linked to the development of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders in teens.

Contrary to the popular teen rumor, psychedelics are in fact addictive.

4. Psychological Addiction is Far More Difficult to Break than Physical Addiction

Physical addiction is a matter of detox and counseling. Since there are no physical, symptoms of psychological addiction many people have a more difficult time breaking a psychological addiction.

5. Reactions to the Different Psychedelics are Unpredictable

There are many different psychedelics on the market. Reactions to each of them are as different as the individuals who take them.

6. Most Put you in a Suggestive State of Mind

The suggestive state of mind can cause you to do things you would not ordinarily consider.

7. Where you are Can Influence your Behavior

The location of that you use in can influence how you act and whether or not you have a good or bad experience.

8. What you are Doing Can Influence your Behavior

What you decide to do during the trip can also influence whether the experience is positive or negative.

9. Many Psychedelics have Poisonous Alternatives that are Easily Mistaken for the Real Thing

Synthetic psychedelics and other such drugs are touted as safe alternatives but these are often more dangerous than the original.

10. Many Cause Memory Loss

These psychedelics often cause large chunks of memory to be missing.

11. Most Eventually Cause Cognitive Impairment

Psychedelics cause cognitive impairment especially in teens.

12. As a Teen Hormonal and Chemical Imbalances are Made Worse by Psychedelic Drug Use

The natural mood swings caused by puberty are made worse due to psychedelics.

13. They can Produce Learning Disabilities in Teens

Learning disabilities are very common when it comes to teens that use psychedelics.

14. Many Psychedelics Cause Depression in Younger Users

Depression and anxiety are often caused by psychedelic use or suddenly stopping psychedelics.

15. Psychedelic use During Teen Years has Been Implicated in Higher Incidents of Bipolar Disorder

Teens that use psychedelics often have other mood disorders including bipolar disorder.

10 Reasons why Psychedelics are Attractive to Teens

16. Just Because you are a Teen does not Make Them any Less Illegal

Although teens are not judged as harshly with new laws in place many teens find themselves being tried as an adult.

17. A Bad Trip Can Cause Permanent Nightmares and other Psychological Issues

Chronic nightmares and night terrors are often caused by the bad trip associated with psychedelics.

18. Psychedelics Can Cause Future Behavioral Problems

Use of psychedelics in the teen years can lead to other behavioral issues later in life including future drug use.

19. It Increases your Risk of Using other Drugs

Although in adults, this is not necessarily true. Positive experiences on psychedelic drugs in teens can lead to further experimentation.

20. It is Not difficult to Find Help for an Addiction to Psychedelics even as a Teen

To find treatment for your teen psychedelic addiction call us at 1-800-895-1695.

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