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10 Unexpected Long Term Effects of Psychedelic Use

Using psychedelics can cause permanent health problems that you may not anticipate.

Although many people state that psychedelic drugs are harmless, they can have some unexpected effects. Taking into account the broad range of psychedelic drugs and human physiology, it is impossible to predict which of these effects will show up at any given time. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, they classify psychedelic drugs as those that have either hallucinogenic or dissociative properties.

1. Terrifying Experiences

Some people have what is known as a “bad trip.” After taking the psychedelic, some people experience terrifying, nightmarish visions that haunt them for a long time after the trip ends.

2. Permanent Hallucinations

Suffering from permanent hallucinations is one of the fears that many users discount as bogus. Unfortunately, there is a disease called hallucinogenic persistent perceptive disorder that although rare, is caused by psychedelics.

3. Mood Disorders

Long Term Effects of Psychedelic Use

Psychedelic use and mood disorders have been known to go hand-in-hand.

Although people argue whether this is a cause of use or effect of use, a higher incidence of mood disorders noted in people who use psychedelics. Further research is being conducted on this phenomena. Some research points to psychedelics being the cause of the disorder and some points to the disorder causing the person to self medicate with psychedelics.

4. Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are prevalent in those who use large quantities of dissociative drugs. Cognitive dysfunction is common in people addicted to psychedelics because it acts on the memory centers of the brain.

5. Abstract Realizations

Some people realize new things when they are on psychedelics. These realizations are usually both abstract and benign, although many people think that the realizations are profound at the time.

6. Permanent Personality Changes

After long term use personality changes begin to happen. Sometimes these are a result of seeing things differently while other times it is due to changes in chemical pathways in the brain. These personality changes may be positive or negative depending on the person involved.

7. Changes in Perception

Some psychedelics and dissociatives have the power to change the way that you perceive things. These changes are usually temporary except in cases of long term use or heavy use. Some of the changes are positive while others are not.

8. Inability to Communicate Thoughts and Feelings

A relatively common issue with dissociative drugs is that the user loses the ability to communicate their thoughts effectively. Some believe that they wind up trapped between reality and an altered perception.

9. Disease

One of the most unexpected consequences of psychedelic use is disease. Several dangerous infections are transmitted through the needles used to inject ketamine and other dissociative drugs.

Understanding the Dangers of Psychedelic Drug Effects

10. It is not hard to Find Help for the Addiction

Although many people state that psychedelics are not addictive, this is not strictly true. Some psychedelics are psychologically addictive. It is not your body that craves them, it is the mind. The experience is so intense and thought to be profound that many start to crave the experience and this causes a psychological dependency.

Psychological dependency is one of the hardest things to break. It takes treatment and counseling to end this type of addiction. If you feel that you are addicted to a psychedelic drug, we can help. Call us at 1-800-895-1695. We can help you find the treatment you need.

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