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10 Reasons why Psychedelics are Attractive to Teens

Psychedelics are commonly experimented with by teenagers and young adults for a number of reasons.

A psychedelic is any drug that distorts perceptions. These drugs although not physically addictive are psychologically addictive. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, psychedelic drugs are particularly popular among teenagers and college students. There are many reasons why psychedelics are particularly attractive to these age groups.

1. They are Forbidden

Just the fact that they are illegal make them attractive to young people. A taboo or forbidden item often draws younger people to it. Most of the time it is more curiosity as to why it is forbidden than an actual desire to take the drug that causes them to be attracted to it.

2. It is Described as a New Experience

Many people who are proponents of psychedelics describe a new and different experience. This alone is reason enough for young people to be attracted to the drug.

3. They are Said to Expand your Mind

Psychedelics are Attractive to Teens

Some teenagers feel pressured into taking psychedelics when all of their friends are using them.

People who use psychedelics sometimes say that it expands your mind allowing you to reach new forms of consciousness.

4. It is Sensationalized by the Media

Psychedelics are often featured in movies and on TV in a more positive light than they probably should be. Many teens watch these movies and shows and think that doing psychedelics is cool because they see stars do them.

5. Peer Pressure

People use psychedelics because other people who attend the same parties and dance clubs do. It is very difficult to be around people who are on psychedelics and not do them yourself. The peer pressure is very intense.

6. There are a Range of Psychedelics to Choose From

There are many psychedelic drugs out there. Each one has a different effect. It is hard not to try several of them in order to experience their effects. Some disconnect the mind from the body while others give you hallucinations or improve tactile sensation.

7. They are told that Psychedelics are Not Addictive

There is a common misconception that psychedelics are not addictive. Although it is true that psychedelics are not physically addictive, they are psychologically addictive. This psychological addiction is much more severe than a physical addiction and much harder to escape.

8. Some believe that Psychedelics are Safe

Many people believe that because you cannot overdose on many of the psychedelics that they are safe to use. Unfortunately, most of them carry unwanted side effects and dangers.

9. Many become Addicted before they Realize What is Happening

Because of their psychological nature, it is possible to become addicted to psychedelics very quickly. Many times it only takes one or two uses for someone to become severely addicted to them. Since they offer an escape from reality, it is very attractive to teens.

How to Discuss Psychedelic Addiction with Your Teens

10. This Addiction is Extremely Powerful and Difficult to Break

Psychological addiction is extremely powerful and psychedelics are known to be psychologically addictive. Because of the hormonal imbalances during the teen years, teenagers are particularly susceptible to psychological addiction. If your teen is addicted to a psychedelic, they need help. We can help you find the treatment your teen needs. Call us at 1-800-895-1695.

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