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Why is Molly so Alluring?

Using Molly can lead to a dangerously high body temperature, nausea, overdose, and even death.

The use of Molly has increased dramatically over the last few years. This is because it is perceived as being a natural, pure, and safe way to get high. Only one of those descriptions is true. However, that isn’t changing the perceptions of the average user. To understand the draw that Molly can have, there are a few things to know first.

What is Molly, and Why is it Called Molly?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Molly is the street name of the purest form of MDMA. MDMA is an artificially created psychoactive drug originally used in the treatment of mental disorders, but has since been determined to have no medicinal value. You may recognize MDMA as the primary ingredient in ecstasy. Molly is different, in that it is pure molecular MDMA powder. In fact, this is where the name comes from. It is short for “molecular”.

Who uses Molly?

Molly, like ecstasy, became popular in the “rave” scene of the 1990’s. It is still a popular club drug today, but its use has expanded because of the misconception that it is safe and natural. Some of the groups of people that Molly is popular with include:

  • teens and first time drug users
  • the homosexual community (particularly gay men)
  • college students
  • club goers and partiers
  • young professionals

If this seems like a broad range of people, that’s because it is. Molly is widely used across all demographics.

What are the Desirable Effects of Molly?


Molly increases sexual arousal.

Molly has a number of desirable effects, which contribute to its popularity. Some of these include:

  • emotional or empathic closeness to others
  • increased sexual arousal
  • increased sensitivity to touch, lights, and sounds
  • increased energy
  • feelings of euphoria and love

All of these things contribute to people wanting to use Molly.

Why do People Use Molly?

It is possible, and beneficial to take a deeper look at the reasons people use Molly, in order to better understand its allure. These reasons can be divided into a few categories.

  • Sensory- The mild hallucinatory effects of Molly increase the user’s sensory perceptions, and sensitivity to light, sound, and touch.
  • Loss of Inhibitions- The euphoric effects of Molly work to increase a person’s trust, and lower their inhibitions.
  • Sexual- Due to lowered inhibitions, increased sensitivity, and feelings of closeness, users report increased sexual pleasure from taking Molly.
  • Stimulant- MDMA is partially made up of amphetamine, which increases energy and wakefulness.
  • Peer Pressure- Because of its popularity, and the fact that it is marketed as safe, people are often pressured by peers to use Molly. Particularly in dance clubs or at concerts.

In short, people use Molly for the desirable effects, and because it is believed to be natural, safe, and pure. In reality, there is nothing natural or safe about Molly.

Negative Consequences of Using Molly

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens, there are a number of consequences to using Molly. Some of these include:

  • dangerously high body temperature
  • increased risk of unsafe sex and accidental pregnancy
  • faintness and nausea
  • overdose
  • death

These all go to show that despite the misconceptions about Molly’s relative safety, it is a dangerous drug that can create severe consequences for users.

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