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Street Names for LSD

There are a vast number of LSD street names that differ depending on what form the LSD is in.

LSD is a shortened version of D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. This is a compound that was discovered accidently by a scientist who got some of the very potent ergot mold on his skin and began to hallucinate. Since then people have been using LSD in psychotherapy and for recreational purposes.

LSD is a very powerful hallucinogen and according to the Drug Enforcement Administration, has no medical value. This fact is slowly changing as more research is done into its uses for treating a variety of psychiatric disorders. LSD is known by hundreds of different street names.

What Makes an LSD Street Name?

LSD street names come from a variety of sources. To understand how some of the street names came about it is important to understand what forms LSD comes in. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency LSD comes in:

  • tablet form known as microdots
  • liquid sold in small bottles, sold as breath freshener
  • gel wraps that look like blue bubble wrap
  • dropped on sugar cubes similar to absinthe
  • blotter which is LSD on paper
  • gelatin called window pane
  • embedded in different candies such as pez, gummy bears or worms, and sweet tarts

All of these methods have different names. The names will also differ depending on the person selling the LSD and the area it is being sold in. If you find yourself addicted to any of these forms of LSD, call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) . We can help.

Street Names for LSD on Paper

Acid on paper is often called blotter but it is often named for the character or pattern on the paper. They use names such as:

Street Names for LSD

Street names can change depending on the dealer and the location it’s purchased.

  • superman
  • comic book
  • goofy
  • blotter
  • blotter acid
  • black sunshine
  • blue moons
  • sunshine
  • peace
  • paper
  • jesus
  • pearly gates
  • pink blotters
  • pink panther
  • snowmen
  • ying yang

There are hundreds more street names for acid on paper.

Street Names for Acid on Sugar Cubes

Just like there are hundreds of names for acid on paper, there are hundreds for when it is dropped on sugar cubes. Some of these are:

  • acid cube
  • a cube
  • battery acid
  • sugar lumps
  • sugar cubes
  • chocolate chips
  • cube
  • Russian sickles
  • Vodka acid

For every variation on acid there is a different name for it.

Can You Overdose on LSD?

Street Names for Gelatin Acid or Window Pane and Gel Wraps

Some of the common street names for both gelatin acid and gel wraps are:

  • yellow dimples
  • window glass
  • tail lights
  • royal blues
  • purple gel tabs
  • pellets
  • lens
  • head light
  • dots
  • blue barrels

All of these names change as law enforcement catches up with the latest of what users are calling it.

LSD is Psychologically Addictive no Matter What Form

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, LSD is one of the most powerful mood changing chemicals available. LSD has a psychological addiction associated with its use no matter what form it is in. If you find yourself addicted to it, call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) . We can help.

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