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How Long Does LSD Stay in Your System?

LSD is detectable for varying amounts of time, depending on how it is tested for and other factors.

Originally created to increase respiration, the hallucinogen LSD was discovered by accident. A scientist accidently dosed himself when working with mold from rye seed, essentially giving himself ergot poisoning. This caused massive hallucinations as well as many of the other effects of LSD. LSD is a water soluble drug which means it leaves the body fairly quickly.

Its Effects

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, LSD’s effects are felt for as long as 12 hours. Most of the effects start within 30 to 90 minutes of taking it.

This of course changes depending on how much you ingest and what form it is in. The most common form is known as blotter and it is paper. This form takes effect faster than the less common liquid form.

Most people in possession of liquid LSD are using it to manufacture blotter. LSD is highly illegal and carries a hefty prison sentence for possessing, manufacturing, or using it. It is also psychologically addictive. If you believe you are addicted to LSD, call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) . We can help you find treatment.

In Urine

Stay in Your System

LSD only stays in your bloodstream for about 3 hours after use.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, LSD stays in your urine for around two to five days depending on how much you took and how regularly you use it.

As with many water soluble drugs, a system flush will usually clear it from your system faster but this is an unreliable method. Many people believe that it stays in the system longer but it leaves your system rather fast.

In Blood

LSD stays for a relatively short time in your bloodstream. It is only detectable for around three hours during a blood test. These test results might be skewed by things like the presence of other drugs or impurities in the LSD itself. The blood test is one of the least accurate ways to test for previous LSD use.

In Hair

A hair test is the most accurate way to test for LSD. LSD is detectable in your hair for around 90 days depending on the length of your hair and how often you cut it. Most courts and police test hair if they are looking for LSD use. Hair tests are expensive and there is not normally a reason to do them unless they are testing for manufacturing or trafficking.

How Does LSD Work?

Factors that Effect LSD in your System

All of these values change slightly depending on several factors. These factors are:

  • height
  • weight
  • amount taken
  • time taken
  • other substances taken with the LSD
  • how it was manufactured
  • how often you take it

These factors do not throw advanced tests off. There is no accurate way to falsify a test for LSD assuming the test is done within the time it remains in your system. If you are worried about LSD testing, chances are you are addicted to it. There is addiction treatment for the psychological addiction to LSD. For your treatment options call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) . We can help.

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