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Does LSD Abuse Cause Tolerance?

You can become tolerant to LSD much quicker than with most other drugs.

LSD abuse does cause tolerance, and in fact, it creates this effect more rapidly than most other drugs. While in other drug abuse syndromes tolerance is often a sign of building addiction, the tolerance LSD causes actually helps to prevent addiction from occurring.

How Does LSD Cause Tolerance?

Like most other drugs, when someone abuses LSD, they eventually build up a tolerance to the substance. This means the effects of the drug become less intense for that individual, and the person has to abuse more and more of the drug each time to experience the same effects. According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, “Tolerance occurs when the person no longer responds to the drug in the way that person initially responded,” and this can be jarring for the individual.

However, the tolerance caused by LSD occurs so rapidly that it does not often create the same type of experience for users that other tolerance syndromes cause. Someone who abuses LSD once or twice will suddenly experience a much higher tolerance instead of their ability to experience the same effects from the same dosage minimizing gradually. It is a strange syndrome when compared to those of other drugs, but it actually helps to protect the drug from being addictive.

How Does LSD Tolerance Keep the Drug from Being Addictive?

LSD tolerance

LSD tolerance makes the drug less addictive.

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, “Though tolerance to LSD develops rapidly, it does not produce compulsive drug-seeking behavior that is typical of addictive drugs, such as crack and heroin.” There are four reasons cited by the Drug Enforcement Administration for this fact, and tolerance is one of the major ones.

The tolerance caused by LSD develops so rapidly that “repeated ingestion is useless.” This is incredibly important because, in most cases, repeatedly abusing a drug is what causes it to eventually become addictive. Because people experience such a high tolerance to the drug very quickly to the point where continuing to abuse it will only cause them to feel slight effects if any, users often stop taking the drug for a while in order to let their resistance diminish, thus avoiding the repeated and compulsive drug abuse that is synonymous with addiction.

Therefore, while many individuals understand that the tolerance caused by LSD is rapid and sometimes mistake this for fast onset addiction, the effect itself is actually helping to keep a person from becoming addicted to the drug. In addition to the possibility of extreme hallucinations that cause individuals to abstain from the drug in order to reorient themselves and the long duration of the drug’s effects that cause users to take less of it, tolerance to the drug helps make it less addictive.

This is not to say that because LSD is non-addictive it is safe to abuse. Many issues could occur while someone is abusing the drug that can lead to other dangerous results, but the tolerance caused by the drug is actually somewhat helpful to the user, keeping them from abusing too much.

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