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Dangers of LSD Abuse

As with most psychedelic drugs, LSD creates powerful hallucinations in users. The drug is very volatile, and users can find themselves in danger easily.

LSD is a hallucinogen that causes a user to experience a perception of reality, making things seem unreal and scary. Users refers to their experiences as trips. Some LSD users report good trips, where they find their experience not only intellectually stimulating, but pleasurable too. For others however, a bad trip is more like a living a nightmare. Frequent use of the drug can lead to LSD abuse. Unfortunately, the effects of LSD are unpredictable each time it is used. This can cause irreversible harm to a user.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a bad trip can include terrifying thoughts and nightmarish feelings of anxiety and despair that include fears of losing control, insanity, or death.

What are Some Dangers of LSD Abuse?

lsd effects

LSD can make users paranoid and confused, doing things they would not do otherwise.

LSD can impose dangerous results on a user. Because the drug is so unpredictable, the user may not fully understand that there is a possibility that their next trip may not be like the first, if the first one happened to be a good one. Some of the dangers of LSD abuse include:

  • Tolerance to the drug. Frequent use of LSD can build tolerance quickly, making the user take more of it more often to get the same desired results as he or she had initially.
  • LSD abuse can cause a person to take larger amounts, which can cause an overdose. An LSD overdose requires immediate medical attention.
  • Having a bad LSD trip can result in a user harming themselves, or someone near them.
  • On a bad trip a person can kill themselves by accident. Because LSD can cause distortion of objects in view of the user, they may look out a window and the ground may appear closer to them, and they jump -when in reality it is not and they can end up injured or dead.
  • LSD abuse can cause psychosis and/or flashbacks. Some users may experience flashbacks long after stopping LSD use.
  • Chronic depression can result from the frequent use of LSD
  • Extreme mood swings that can include violent behavior. Depending where the user is when there moods are in full swing, they can end up getting arrested.

The consequences of LSD abuse can be numerous, and not all known dangers are listed here. One of the most dangerous results of a bad trip of course is death. The sooner a person takes control of their LSD use and decide to stop, the better and safer their life can be.

Other Effects of LSD Abuse

The effects of LSD can vary depending on the size of the dose, the mental state of mind the user is in when they take it, and their surroundings. The effects of LSD can last as long as 12 hours. The higher the dose, and the more dangerous the surroundings in which they find themselves in, the chances of a bad trip may be more evident. There can be no control over a bad trip once the LSD has been ingested and the effects take a hold of the user’s mental state of mind.

Getting Help to Stop LSD Abuse

While LSD is not addictive like other drugs. A user can build tolerance quickly and require more of the drug to experience the same effects as previously achieved. This poses danger as LSD is an unpredictable drug that can result in a user hurting themselves, or someone else during a bad trip. If you or a loved one are using LSD and find it difficult to stop LSD use, then seek assistance by contacting a substance abuse counselor. They can guide you in the right direction, so you can be able to stop using LSD.

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