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Bath Salts: A Human Science Experiment

Bath salts are unregulated drugs that can contain a number of different, harmful chemicals.

When people talk about bath salts, what do you think of? A woman relaxing in a bathtub with the scent of lavender in the air? Sprinkling Epsom salts into hot water for a foot soak?

Or do you think of the man in Florida eating the face of another man? Someone going crazy and stabbing their own eyes out?

Harsh, isn’t it. But that’s the reality of American’s synthetic drug market. Bath salts, technically called synthetic cathinones, are a stimulant style drug that was marketed and sold in small smoke shops and truck stops around the country.

Chemically similar to the active ingredient in the Khat plant, bath salts are intense and strong, and its effects are 10 times more powerful than those of cocaine. And not that long ago, it was possible to walk into a store and buy it. If you’re addicted to drugs, there is hope. Call 800-609-2774 (Who Answers?) today to talk to someone immediately about getting the help you need.

The Loophole

Bath Salts

Bath salts can cause extreme paranoia and agitation.

Labeled as a New Psychoactive Substance (NPS), bath salts were able to sneak under the radar of the FDA because they were sold as neither food nor drugs. Instead, the substance was labeled plant food, jewelry cleaner, phone screen cleaner, or any number of other things. The packages are all specifically labeled “Not for Human Consumption,” and therefore the FDA has no regulation over the substance and its regulation.

What’s In Bath Salts?

Because bath salts are not regulated, there’s no ingredients that must be present to be referred to as bath salts. While most include the psychoactive chemicals mephedrone or methylenedioxypyrovalerone, others may only contain caffeine and anesthetics. Because neither the chemicals, nor the amount of chemicals is regulated, each time someone uses bath salts, it’s as through they’re doing an experiment on themselves.

What Do Bath Salts Do?

Bath salts can be used just about any way. People take it orally, swallowing the whitish brown crystallized power. They snort it, smoke it, or even inject it. Acting as a stimulant, bath salts energize the user, increasing heart rate and blood pressure, and as the high progresses, this excitement often turns agitating. While high on bath salts, the user experiences extreme paranoia and may even have hallucinations.

The Rise of Synthetic Psychedelics

The high of bath salts typically lasts between three and four hours, but the physical effects, especially on the cardiovascular system, can last up to eight. And because the drug is highly addicting, there is intense cravings, and users tend to go on binges that can last days.

What’s more, no one really knows what the drug’s long-term effects on the body or brain are. There’s been no real research, only the few case studies of people who were under the influence and observed. But what has been determined is that bath salts are dangerous, fatal, and make people do things they would never normally do.

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